Festive Season

Were bringing joy to the world the only way we know how, with an exciting and vibrant Festive menus that is full of holiday cheer!

This new collection has been meticulously crafted to evoke that ever so familiar Christmas spirit, while drawing on both our Japanese and Italian influences. To start, theres the indulgent Burrata enhanced by seasonal truffles and mushrooms, so every bite lingers on the palate. Our Maki Roll selection is a hand-crafted labour of love that is as good a gift as any. For every ricotta stuffed Tortelloni, theres a miso marinated Alaskan Cod to keep you company. 

From behind the bar, the team is pouring up a new collection of cocktails informed by the season. Take the Bianco Natale, its creamy and warm tones hearken back to the flavours of Christmas while the lineup of Champagne is an ode to the celebratory aspect of it.

The menus are available now, so dont wait and join us soon to get your fill.

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